Permanent Hiatus

As you can probably tell, we are on hiatus and have been for some time now. We do not believe we will be making a come back anytime soon.

Current Clients

If you are a current client, please contact us for the URL to update, make changes to your web site view billing information. If you did not receive this E-mail, please contact us at

Reason for leaving

You might be wondering why we stopped web design. Well, it's simple. I, Tyler, have lost interest in the development of web design. There are too many pre-built utilities out there for clients to simply build their own web site from scratch for a fraction of the price that it would cost to hire a dedicated designer like myself. Also, a truly main reason is I have migrated to more interesting projects such as building a custom scale snow plow out of an old R/C traxxas Revo 2.5R nitro truck and ABS pipe. I have several hobbies that have taken the place of web design and I simply find it a little boring now. I started web design as just a hobby and when seeing how much money it *could* generate I figured I would start making websites for businesses and make a profit. However, I found it difficult to get the right clients. Either potential clients would complain that my low fees were "too high" or they wanted a "better" website than what my fees would suggest. There was rarely anything in the middle.

I sincerely thank all the clients I have had in the past and I will continue to warranty, fix or mainain anything I have promised to handle until you have shutdown your website or until the internet itself finally reaches its obsoletion? Please do not refrain from contacting me if there is a problem with the web site I created for you. I can work with you to get the problem resolved, or have your website moved to a new web design firm or hosting package.