Oops! It seems we were shutdown. haha Imagine that. We spent so much time trying to start a web design and development company only to be side tracked with a construction career that this project was given the boot! Oh well. We lost complete interest in this side of things and just don't do it anymore.

Why is this domain still active?

That's pretty silly isn't it? Quite simply though, it's not simple. Some of our previous customers still contact us for quick modifications or maintenance to their existing websites. Not to mention that some of our personal accounts ( Microsoft and other subscriptions ) are linked to the E-mail addresses associated with this domain name. Which makes it incredibly difficult to just close it down!


If you are a current client of ours and need assistance with your currently active website, you have our contact details. The original phone number you may have ( 905-xx8-6004 ) is not longer active. Please use either the E-mail address or our mobile number provided to you at the time of consultation!

Back story

I am considering writing a story of how my failed career in web design and development started, faired and completed. Referring to it as failed is strictly subjective, however. I mainly decided the career just wasn't for me anymore after being embedded into a fulltime residential construction career. The story could be considered a complete failure to some, but I find it to be a self-defining attribute to the path my life has taken. I continue to do web programming in my spare time as a hobby but I simply do not, and never did, enjoy creating professionally. There has been a short list of "professional" websites I created that I was proud of and always will be, but sadly, a few of them are no longer online. Those businesses either were sold and websites taken over by a new developer or the business themselves closed down. Primarily, I focus on web pages that serve a personal purpose. My personal projects include:

Currently managed websites

The currently maintained "professional" websites on my portfolio are:

No longer active projects

This list contains the websites I created many years ago but have either been taken over by another developer or the business has just simply closed: